Creditor Harassment

Are Debt Collectors Calling You at Home and at Work?

If you are behind on your debts, you may be getting multiple daily calls from debt collectors, who may be threatening you and your family with serious consequences if you do not pay. Creditor harassment phone calls can be extremely stressful and frightening.

I’m experienced California bankruptcy attorney Ivan Trahan, and I help clients stop creditor harassment by seeking the protection of the bankruptcy courts. Contact me at my offices in Temecula for a free consultation to discuss how I can help you stop debt collection phone calls.

Understanding Creditors’ Extreme Methods

Once a debt collector targets you for collection, you are likely to get calls at all hours of the day. If the debt collector has phone numbers for your employer, family members and neighbors, they may receive creditor harassment phone calls as well.  There are laws that govern debt collection under the “Fair Debt Collection Act”.  If you believe a creditor has crossed the line I can help you to hold them accountable for their actions.

Often, debt collectors will make baseless and illegal threats, such as claiming they can begin wage garnishment when they have not yet obtained a judgment against you.

Many of these debt collectors are actually debt buyers, independent companies that have paid your creditors as little as three cents on the dollar to take over your debts. These companies can be particularly ruthless as they try to obtain returns on their investments.

Taking Immediate Action to Stop the Phone Calls

If you hire me to represent you in your bankruptcy case, you will immediately be able to tell callers that you are represented by an attorney. At that point, it is illegal for them to continue to contact you (or anyone else other than your lawyer) directly.

Once you file bankruptcy, the automatic stay means that as long as your bankruptcy case is ongoing, creditors may not contact you or try to collect on debts in any way.

Combined, these protections offer powerful tools against creditor harassment. Contact me to learn more about what you can do to stand up for your rights against debt collectors.